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Berzelius symposium: Obesity and type 2 diabetes

Obesity and type 2 diabetes – understanding the role of ethnicity

Date: September 11–12, 2019. Time: 09.00–16.00.

Venue: Väven conference, Storgatan 46 A, Umeå, Sweden.

Leading researchers in the field will present an up to date view on obesity and type 2 diabetes from varying perspectives and different geographical/ethnic populations, including the role of genetics and interactions between genes and the environment. Specific geographical/ethnic populations to be discussed include Australia, Sub-Saharan Africa, African Americans and Pima Indians in the US, East Asia, Greenland, and African migrants in Europe. 


More information: The Swedish Society of Medicine,, +46 (0) 8 440 88 96.

Program and registration – click here.