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Cardiovascular pathology, postgraduate course


Cardiovascular pathology, postgraduate course/conference, March 27–29, 2014, Rudbeck Laboratory, Uppsala

The course will focus on several aspects of cardiovascular disease, in particular the combination of genetics and morphology. It is suitable for specialists or MD:s training in cardiovascular pathology, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, genetics and forensic medicine

Included topics will be:

• Modern methods in cardiovascular medicine and research

• Autopsy of the heart patient

• Sudden cardiac death

• Cardiomyopathies including comparative animal models

• Cardiac arrythmias

• Amyloidosis

• PET investigations

• The endomyocardial biopsy

• Inflammatory processes in the heart and aorta

• Heart failure

• Heart fibrosis and its reversal

• Cardiovascular genomics and proteomics.

• Disease of the aorta

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