Hot Topics meeting

Hot Topics meeting, November 13–14, Svenska Läkaresällskapet, Klara Östra Kyrkogata 10, Stockholm


Friday, November 13

12.00–13.30 Lunch, registration and exhibition

13.30 Anders Nyboe Andersen: Individual fertility assessment and pro-fertility counselling; who should this be offered to?

14.15–15.00 Jesper Smeenk: Expectant management in practice

15.45 Christian Munthe: ART and public health

16.30 Thorir Hardarson, Sebastiaan Mastenbroek: Could/should PGS be used as a standard method for embryo selection?

17.30 Discussion. Summary

Saturday, November 14

09.00 Joep Geraedts: Comprehensive embryo testing, where are we heading?

09.45–10.30 Christina Bergh: Why do patients drop out from ART treatments?

11.15 Francoise Shenfield: Cross border reproductive care – patient freedom or patient burden?

12.00 Bo Jacobsson: Non-invasive prenatal testing

12.45 Closing and lunch

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